Emergency Plumbing in Kanata

As a home or business owner in Kanata, you should always have emergency plumbing services on speed dial. Like with any other emergency, you need to know who you’re going to go to for help and know that you can trust them to be professional and provide quality services that you can count on.

Kanata home and business owners know that they can trust GK Plumbing & Heating Inc. to pick up the phone immediately, any time of the day or night, and arrive on time to get the job done.

Whether you need emergency services right now or are planning for the future (good job!) GK Plumbing & Heating Inc. is the team for you. Fully licensed, bonded, and insured, we’re ready to get to work whenever you need us.

Emergency Drain Repair

Whether there’s been grease and food buildup over time or someone in your family has flushed one too many non-flushable items, drains can only take so much before they fail.

In plumbing emergencies, we’re most often called due to leaks and flooding. We’ll start off by turning off your water, and then do a video camera inspection to determine what the problem is. A drain camera can see obstructions that would not be obvious at first.

By doing an in-depth inspection, your emergency plumbing repair won’t just last a couple of days, it will last years, as we’ll ensure that potential problems don’t have a chance to manifest.

Emergency Pipe Repair

Your drains are connected to your pipes, and if those pipes are cracked, broken, clogged, or damaged by tree roots, they’re not going to work so well.

While something like a higher than normal water bill points towards a need for pipe repair, a pipe plumbing emergency occurs when you hear rumbling, grinding, and other strange noises. Or worse, you start noticing puddles of water on the floor, ceiling, or walls.

Any time your sewer system is leaking water, that’s a sign to call GK Plumbing & Heating Inc..

Emergency Heating Repair

Whether you have a tankless, conventional, or hybrid water heater, that heater can cause you problems that result in an emergency call to GK Plumbing & Heating Inc.. No one wants to run out of hot water.

While you may have an idea of what is causing your water heater to fail, it’s important to get in touch with an on call plumbing service as a broken down water heater can in some cases become very dangerous.

Emergency Plumbing Services That Won't Break the Bank

When you are in the middle of a plumbing emergency, it helps to know that the company you hire will not take advantage of you. We promise fair and honest pricing on all of our services, so you can get the help you need without straining your finances. 

Free Estimates on 24 Hour Plumbing

We have nothing to hide when it comes to our great rates, which is why we have no problem providing no-obligation estimates to inquiring customers. Simply get in touch with our staff and we will give you all of the information you need—and if you decide to use our services, we will head out as soon as we get off the phone. 

Fast Plumbers That You Can Rely On

When you contact us looking for an emergency plumber, we know that you are looking for someone to help you out of a difficult situation. We do not take the trust that our clients put into our services for granted, which is why we work hard to provide the best possible resolution in the shortest time frame. 

Full-Service Emergency Plumbers

Our goal is to provide all of the services our clients could need if they encounter a plumbing emergency. After going through the process of hiring a company and having them come to your property, the last thing you want is for them not to be able to get the job done completely. Whether you need emergency drain cleaning, leak repairs, or anything else, you can always count on us. 

Friendly Emergency Plumbers

If you are looking for a company that will take the stress out of your situation, then GK Plumbing & Heating Inc. is here to help. We pride ourselves on our patient and accommodating approach to our services, so you can rest assured that we will help you get back to your normal life as easily as possible. With many positive testimonials to our business's name, you can always expect amazing service when you put your faith in us. 

Fully Stocked Emergency Plumbers

We make sure that we are ready to respond to every call that we receive. We keep our toolboxes filled with high-quality equipment that helps us provide all of our certified plumbing services. In addition to this, we make sure that our vehicles are always fully equipped and ready to roll as soon as we are needed.

Emergency Plumbing for Residential and Commercial Properties

No matter how complex your plumbing system is, you can count on us to be a valuable resource. We are experts with all types of buildings, making us an easy choice for any plumbing emergency. 

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Plumbers

As a fully certified plumbing company, you are always guaranteed authoritative work when you hire us. We put our expertise and training to good use with every job. Not only that, but since we back up our services with comprehensive insurance coverage, you can breathe easy throughout the entire process.

Call Us Today!

If you need to make an appointment for plumbing services in Kanata, give us a call to set up a free estimate today. And, in case of emergency remember that you can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no additional cost penalty for 24-hour emergency plumbing.

GK Plumbing & Heating Inc. isn’t just a plumbing company. We’re a 24-hour plumbing company that is invested in going the extra mile for all of our clients.